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Wanted: An offensive coordinator to run Pac-12 offense

Tomorrow will mark three weeks since Norm Chow said ciao to Utah and left for the sunny beaches of Hawaii.

Since his unofficial departure, which I guess is now official with the Sun Bowl over, there has been an uneasy silence from the coaching world on who could replace him. No one, it seems, has heard anything - especially names.

So, what does that mean? Should we read too much into this and believe it rules out Aaron Roderick, who's already on the staff and presumably ready and eager to jump into the offensive coordinator role if offered? Is the potential candidate still coaching - either at the college or professional level?

No one knows.

It should be pointed out that Norm Chow's name was tied to the Utah job on Jan. 12th of last year - of course, that was when no one expected a change in coordinators.

We're close to that date and for recruiting purposes, it's probably best to get a coach in place before signing day, which is February 1st - so, if that were to be the case, you'd think Kyle Whittingham would name a coach by mid-January.

But then, maybe Whittingham is confident with this class regardless and doesn't feel the need to name a coordinator until mid-February.

For fans' sanity, though, I hope that's not the case. But for now, unfortunately, we're left playing the waiting game.