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Who's going to win ... let's hear your predictions

Is this the week Utah finally wins a conference game?

Stephen Dunn

As I sit here watching Oregon absolutely dismantle Arizona State, I can't help but think of two things - one ... I'm glad Utah doesn't face the Ducks this year (could you imagine?) and two ... boy are we way behind the top of this conference.

It makes me wonder how many years it'll take until we are a viable Pac-12 threat and not just, as we are right now, regulated to the role of spoiler.

That's exactly what Utah is looking to be Saturday night against the Beavers. Oregon State is riding high and there is no reason they shouldn't expect a victory this weekend. They're playing great football and facing a team that has been, for the most part, pretty underwhelming. Still, I can't help but think there is a chance the Utes win. Maybe it's a small one ... but it's something and when you're down and out like we are right now, it's those chances, however insignificant it may seem, that keeps you going.

While I definitely don't anticipate a win Saturday, I do expect a good game and because of that, I wouldn't be absolutely floored if Utah somehow pulled the upset.

Even so, if I'm going solely with my head on this one, I've got the Beavers winning 28-14. My heart, though, says the Utes pull off a 24-17 upset.

Make it happen, Utah!

What's your prediction?