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Saturday. Blackout. You. Me. Everyone. Who wins?

Assuming, of course, none of us blackout...


It's that time again ... let's hear your predictions for this weekend's game.

I think we all agree Saturday is a must-win for the Utes. They've got to win. A loss and this season is all but done. No bowl game ... no winning season ... no nothin'.

So, they need to win. Their opponent is beatable. We're at home (for the first time in a decade it feels like) and we must, surely, be fired up for this one ... right?

Because of this, I'm actually expecting a victory this weekend. This is the first time since, I guess, the Utah State game that I am actually going in thinking we're going to win (I know, bad omen, but oh well). Yeah, I felt okay about the BYU game and the ASU game and even the UCLA and Oregon State games ... but never did I believe we were the favorites (and we weren't ... the Utes were the underdog in all those games). But this weekend, even if very narrowly and only because the game is at Rice-Eccles Stadium, they do enter favorites.

Let's take advantage of it and win.

What's your prediction?