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Oregon State's dream season takes a hit

The Beavers drop out of the top-ten after losing to Washington Saturday.

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

I was cheerin' for the Beavers to go undefeated if the Utes couldn't get past 'em two weeks ago. Sadly, they only lasted a week and fell, on the road, to the Washington Huskies. It's their first loss of the season and seriously dents their Rose Bowl chances.

Oddly, it's Oregon who has the most to lose because of that defeat. In the BCS, the Ducks have been passed over by Notre Dame and sit at 4th ... three spots out of where they need to be to play for the national championship. They really could have used that game against a top-five, undefeated team to pad their strength of schedule.

But that doesn't look likely now (well, the undefeated part is done ... but maybe the Beavers can climb all the way back before their late-season showdown).

Here's this week's ballot: