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Oregon #1 in this week's BlogPoll

Ducks surge to top spot after Alabama falters.

Mike Zarrilli

Who benefited the most from Alabama's losing? Oregon and Kansas State - two teams that could meet in the championship game. The Ducks are ranked #1 and K-State #2 in this week's BlogPoll.

Alabama was the BlogPoll No. 1 last week, with Kansas State was No. 2. But after the Tide got turned back by Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M, Oregon blitzed by California and it's Chip Kelly's Ducks, not Bill Snyder's Wildcats, who take the top spot in this week's BlogPoll.

Oregon earns 44 first-place votes in the Week 12 BlogPoll, more than half of the total cast, but Kansas State earns 24 first-place votes of its own and is less than half a point per ballot behind the Ducks.