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Election Day

Ah, democracy!

Mark Wilson

Today is election day and I wanted to take a moment to focus on something other than sports.

Yeah, I know, this is a sports blog - how dare you talk politics. Deal with it. Because it's the day of politics. If Christ has Christmas, a bunny Easter and leprechauns St. Paddy's day ... politicians have election day and that is inherently political.

Okay, I'm just yankin' your chain. We're not going to talk politics. If there is something more divisive than whether this year's Utes are any good, it's which candidate you're supporting for president. I don't want any of that here. Don't tell me who you're voting for ... don't ask who anyone is voting for because I know that will lead down a dark place.

Too many opinions on this blog to hash out political differences.

BUT it is election day and we should have some fun with it ... and the less contentious presidents. You know, those fictional guys on television and the big screen.

So, just for kicks, since today is probably going to be stress filled for any and every side, let's go to the polls and vote for the best fictional president.

Because there is nothing more American than a fake leader pushed by Hollywood to entertain us for a mindless hour and a half of our lives.

Who you got?