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Are you confident enough to predict a win Saturday?

Are the Utes finally over the hump?

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

I'm not sure what to expect Saturday. I could see the Utes eking out a win and gaining even more momentum here at the end, or I could see a UCLA/Oregon State redux. Either way, I just want a good, competitive game where the Utes go down fightin' and look decent doing it.

If they win ... great! If they lose, while I'll be disappointed, I'll still feel better about this team and their future.

So, while I anticipate a tight, nail biter of a game, I also believe this team is somewhat progressing and because of it, Saturday should not offer up regression ... at least I hope it doesn't.

Anyway, I'm excited for Saturday. I guess winning does that to you. Games matter now.

Let's keep this up.