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Runnin' Utes ring in apocalypse with apocalypse of their own

Utah blows 21-point lead ... lose to Cal State Northridge in a comedy of errors

I don't know exactly what happened. Utah held a fairly decisive double-digit lead at one point in this one and then utterly collapsed into a trash heap of old habits. It was a remarkable disaster. I know some believed the Mayans were predicting the end of times - fires raging, the ground quaking ... but maybe this is what they meant when discussing catastrophe? That's the only way to explain what happened Friday night at the Huntsman Center.

It was, without question, of the most painful, demoralizing, embarrassing ... and staggering losses I've witnessed (and there have been a lot lately). You wonder what mental effect it will have on the team for the remainder of the season ... because this epic, and catastrophic choke job to a team I'm not even sure what league they play in (Big West?) could have lasting scars well beyond the initial hangover.

Blah. Just when it looked like the Runnin' Utes had finally turned the corner, they fall back to their old ways and now limp into conference play. Oh sure, there's still that classic against the College of Idaho - but right now, the air has been let out of the balloon.