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Runnin' Utes look to bounce back after collapse

Utah will host College of Idaho tonight at the Huntsman Center.

Douglas C. Pizac-USA Today Sport

Can 2012 end on a high note for the Runnin' Utes? Let's hope so, considering their opponent is from the Cascade Collegiate Conference (uh...), a conference in the NAIA (think Westminster). If they can't beat this small liberal arts college from Caldwell, Idaho, I really don't know what to make of this team, and its future.

They're not even a good NAIA team, either, entering this game 7-8 overall - and just 3-3 in CCC play.

So, I guess the best we can hope for is that 2012 ends with an uneventful game against an uneventful team. Anything different and I think we've got some problems on our hands. This is a game that should not be competitive outside the first five minutes of action and god forbid it come down to the wire like the last two home games. This is partially why I'm so nervous about tonight. Games like this do nothing for me because they mean nothing. You need to win, and win big, and if you don't, if you don't manage to win, well just close up shop - can we really expect to come back from a loss to a freakin' NAIA team?

I don't know. I expect the win, and think they'll win pretty solidly, but what will that tell us that we didn't already know after the Cal State Northridge game? This team could be improved - but they're still not there yet and a win over College of Idaho isn't going to change this.