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Runnin' Utes show heart, still lose

I'm disappointed...but I'm not. I didn't really have faith Utah could win Thursday night and, what do you know, they didn't. But I also was bracing for a blowout because, well, that's exactly how almost every road game has gone this season.

To my surprise, the Runnin' Utes were within a possession down the stretch. That's progress, I guess? Sure, the Sun Devils are awful - horrible, in fact - but at least it wasn't another massacre. And considering Utah lost to the last-place USC Trojans by an amount larger than our national deficit, I guess I can't be too down on the performance.

You know, I'm not even bummed they lost. I guess I'm more bummed it probably means we're not going to see a road win this season. That's hard to accept, regardless of how bad this team is and how much talent they lack. I wanted a road win, dammit! I WANTED IT!

But oh well.

So, now on to Tucson. Shudder.