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Mike Sanford returns to Utah...

Former Utah offensive coordinator Mike Sanford is back! ... in the state that is.

He's apparently agreed to become an offensive assistant with the Utah State Aggies, returning to the state for the first time since leading Utah's offense during their perfect 2004 season.

Sanford, of course, might be best known (outside our little 801 world) for his abysmal coaching stint with the UNLV Rebels - where he finished 16-43 before being fired at the end of the '09 season. Sanford then went on to become the offensive coordinator at Louisville, but was promptly nudged out the door midway through the 2011 season.

So, good hire by the Ags? Meh. I've never been a fan of Sanford. I felt he was more a product of Alex Smith & Urban Meyer more than anything else.

Still, this is Utah State and it's not often they can bring in an assistant who has head coaching experience, BCS coaching experience and led the offense of a team that went perfect.

If anything, it'll make this year's game that much more intriguing.