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Pac-12 Championship Game Day Thread

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Arizona and...Colorado? Yup. The team that struggled putting Utah away is now playing for the Pac-12 title. How crazy i that? I guess we should be happy, considering the Utes gave 'em a pretty good game (hey, does this mean had Utah won, we'd be in the title game?!?) and I actually like the Buffaloes. In fact, if they make it to the NCAA Tournament, I might pick 'em as my designated team considering Utah won't be dancing...yet again (I know, we're supposed to be rivals, but meh).

So, who wins? Odds will probably say Arizona, but don't underestimate Colorado.

Oh and how the hell did Tad Boyle not win Pac-12 Coach of the Year?!?

So, if you're watching today's game (4:00 SLC time on CBS), discuss it here.

If you're doing something else this Saturday, well, bully for you.