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Utah's not dancing but we can still enjoy March Madness

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For the third consecutive year, the Runnin' Utes aren't dancing. That shouldn't be a surprise considering their awful record this year. But, as it is every year they don't make it, there is a tinge of disappointment. For years, especially in the 90s, Utah was a staple in March Madness action and now we're stuck watching from the sidelines yet again - a place we've been all but once since 2005.

Maybe next year will be different. Maybe not. But still, we can at least enjoy this year's tournament and hey, no worrying about whether or not the Utes win! That's some consolation , right? No. Of course not.

As I said the other day, though, I guess we can pick a feel-good story and cheer 'em on through the tournament. It could be Iona, who plays BYU in the Play-in Game or, as I suggested, Colorado, who is a surprising 11 seed after winning the Pac-12 Tournament.

Regardless of who you choose, the fun part about the tournament is making your brackets and seeing how right you were when it's all said and done. And good news! You don't have to pick against the Utes, since, you know, they're not in the tournament and therefore won't have to worry about blowing up your own bracket.


If you are doing a bracket, which I assume most of you will, why not help support Block U and head on over to Yahoo! and submit a bracket in the Yahoo!/SB Nation Wisdom of the Crowds bracket challenge. If you don't want to join that group, we can even set one up here solely for Block U. Just let me know.

I know, it's not as fun watching March Madness when our team isn't involved. But just think, when we get back there and eventually win a couple games, it'll make this drought all the more worth it.

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