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Viva Las Vegas: Pac-12 tournament heading to Sin City

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For Utah fans, Las Vegas has been a familiar destination for the conference tournament. The city often hosted the WAC, and then subsequently the Mountain West (beyond their brief stop in Denver) and now, well, the Pac-12 has decided to set its sights on southwest desert sprawlopolis.

Beginning next season, the conference tournament will be held at the MGM Grand Garden. Currently, Los Angeles has played host to the tournament and the results haven't been pretty, as attendance has waned recently.

The Las Vegas option is a good one, at least for fans in the southwest. I'm guessing those folks up in Washington and Oregon are less excited than the Arizona schools and, of course, the Runnin' Utes.

But because Las Vegas is only a short drive from Salt Lake, and the fact we've all experienced the city before (taken away a lot of great memories, as well), I anticipate, especially if the Runnin' Utes are good, a decent amount of Utah fans to make the journey in the coming years.

So, I'm happy with this development. Vegas is a great place to spend the weekend and hell, it'll offer a great opportunity to celebrate if, you know, Utah somehow manages to win the tournament in the coming years (the deal is only for the next three, but it's possible it's extended after that).

Anyway, I leave you with one of those great Vegas memories...