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March means Utah football now, I guess

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Years and years ago, March meant Utah basketball was probably charging through the NCAA Tournament.

Now, though? It's the start of spring ball! Woohoo! The season is slowly, very slowly, of course, creeping up on us. In only a few days, the team will kick off spring camp and, for a fleeting moment, we'll have some college football in our lives.

In preparation for the upcoming camp, the official website has put out a release discussing the changes heading into next week's action.

Those changes...

  • Keith McGill has moved to cornerback.
  • Thretton Palamo has moved to defensive back end.
  • Joape Pela is now a defensive tackle.
  • They have begun construction on the football facility. Expect demolition to begin on the Dee Glen Smith Center sometime next week.
  • Crazy Lady will now perform at the start of the second half and not at the beginning of the fourth quarter. This move comes on the heels of a dustup that occurred a few months ago involving whether or not the program would drop Crazy Lady from the games. Apparently, they're just moving her.
No radical changes. It's good to see they're still on schedule with the football facility. It's also nice to have football back again...even if only briefly.