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Utah football begins spring ball today

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Spring has officially arrived and with it, that means Utah football is back, even if briefly.

There are some major questions heading into spring camp and hopefully, when it's all said and done, we'll have some answers.

For starters, how will Brian Johnson adjust to his new role as Utah's offensive coordinator? We probably won't know how much progress he's made until the season arrives, but hopefully he's at ease helping run practice this month.

Of course, what about Jordan Wynn? He sat out almost all of last season with an injury and he's supposedly 100%, which is far ahead of where he was this time last year when he was battling back from another injury. Is he really healed and how good will he look leading up to the Red & White Game?

How will Travis Wilson and Chase Hansen look? Are they going to be legitimate backups to Wynn or will Jon Hays, at the end of the day, once again receive the nod?

I'm excited, folks! We don't have a basketball team, so, might as well soak this up before the long, awful, hellish summer creeps up on us.