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Jordan Wynn is bulkier and ready to lead Utah

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Day one of spring camp showcased the new-look Jordan Wynn, who has put on some weight and legitimately appears to be 100%. That's good news because, as we saw last year, Wynn, with all his faults, still might be the best quarterback on the roster.

That's unlikely to change this season and it means the success of Utah will once again rest on Wynn's shoulders. Hopefully they have a better go at it this time around than they did last year.

But I'm optimistic. Granted, it could just be blind optimism, but in Wynn We Trust, right?

At camp yesterday, Wynn did comment on feeling better than he has in a long time and recommitted to making it through the season without injury. Of course, I'm sure he made the same commitment last year and I doubt any player actively looks to get injured, but it's nice to see that he realizes how vital he is to Utah's success.

So, how did he look? Well, DeVonte Christopher was impressed. He told media that Wynn had a lot more zip on the ball and is more mobile this season.

I like that.

But, it's just spring ball and it's way too early to even begin characterizing this season. What we do know is that, unless he's injured again, Wynn will most certainly be starting this September. Who backs him up? That might be the real battle this spring & fall.

Some highlights of practice after the jump...

University of Utah - Spring Football Day 1 - 3/20/12 (via uathletics)