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Day two of spring ball: White says offense 'explosive'

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Though Utah is retooling its offense and running it under the guidance of a 25-year old coordinator, if Thursday's practice was any indication, the offense could be pretty good this season.

In fact, John White IV even says the offense is explosive and Kyle Whittingham, who isn't one to mince words, echoed White's assessment and praised the Utes' receiving corp. That's got to be encouraging news considering the offense struggled a bit last spring and that really carried over into the season, even with a healthy Jordan Wynn.

There's no question Utah has some mighty good weapons on offense. White could position himself as the best running back in the Pac-12 and Wynn, when he's not injured, has proven to be consistently solid. We also saw what the receivers could do last year and with a bulk of them returning, Wynn will definitely have a few options to throw to this fall.

That's not to say there aren't questions or concerns. The offensive line is going to be a major unknown with not only the turnover in talent, but also the replacement of Tim Davis, who went to Florida last month.

Finally, though we're only two days into camp, the MVP just might be DeVonte Christopher. He's definitely come to camp prepared and invested and with this being his senior season, don't be surprised if he's the leader of the offense, or at least is one of the leaders - as we saw against BYU last year, he's tough.

I'm excited for him and the entire offense really. Though I don't want to get overconfident or too cocky, it seems there is definitely a bit more swagger with this year's Utes.

Hopefully it continues!

Highlights of Thursday's practice after the jump...

University of Utah - Spring Football Day 2 - 3/22/12 (via uathletics)