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Utah's first week of spring ball in the books

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Utah finished out the first week (though, not first full week) of spring ball Saturday with a full-pads practice. Though nothing extreme happened last week, we did get a few answers, or at least half-answers, on where we stand on the heels of some turbulent changes to the team since the Sun Bowl.

  1. Jordan Wynn is healthy. That isn't up for debate. He looks better this spring than he did last spring (which isn't a surprise all things considered) and arguably better than he looked during fall camp, as well. For Ute fans who were worried he might have ended his career during the Washington game (like me), this is welcoming news.
  2. Travis Wilson, for the time being, is the backup to Wynn. I don't know if it'll stick and both Jon Hays and Chase Hansen are receiving a great deal of reps in practice, but Wilson is now the designated backup. My guess is that when the season starts, or even by the end of spring camp, Hays is back to being the official number two. But it's important, and I think Kyle Whittingham realizes this, to give Hansen and Wilson much needed reps. You can never have too much experience at the quarterback spot (as we found out last year).
  3. Brian Johnson had a good first week. He commands respect from the players and has brought some excitement to the offense. Hopefully that continues and the growing pains, you know, during the actual games, aren't significant.

Now on to week two!

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