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Optimism reigns for Utah football

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It has been a good spring so far for the Utes.

Outside some questions around the offensive line, which should be shored up with more depth and the arrival of Marc Pouvave later this year, by most accounts, spring ball continues to go very well for Utah.

So, we should either be really excited about this year's team or obsessed with the idea that the other shoe will drop at any moment.

What I do know is that the oft no-nonsense Kyle Whittingham has been unusually optimistic about the development. In fact, Whittingham has rated camp this year an A+.

An A+! Ralphie from A Christmas Story would be proud.

But is it real or are we setting ourselves up for a downfall similar to what we witnessed prior to, and shortly after, the TCU game?

I guess the Irish in me casts doubt on all this positivity.

I want to believe, but dammit, I still think there are areas of concern.

What about you? Are you buying the hype?