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Offense takes shape in second scrimmage

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I've been a bit under the weather so I didn't make it out to Saturday's scrimmage. I would have liked to, of course, but with the weather like it is and the fact I'm still battling a cold, I thought it would be best to sit this one out.

Looks like I missed a fairly exciting scrimmage. You can see an account from the official website here.

From the looks of things, Travis Wilson continues to improve the greatest and really is showcasing why he just might be the future of this offense once the Jordan Wynn era ends. I'm excited to see him develop and while I still expect Jon Hays to back Wynn up, Wilson is coming on strong and, well, it's only spring.

One comment from Coach Whittingham piqued my interest, though:

"Brian (Johnson) wants to take more shots downfield than we have recently and we can do that now because we have the speed in the wideouts to create separation and we have quarterbacks who can throw with accuracy," said Whittingham. "Our quarterback situation is the best it has been in years," he added.

It'd be nice to have an offense that is a legitimate downfield threat. As Whittingham has said, that's not been the case recently and it's really hamstrung what they've been able to do the last few seasons. Of course, a lot of that will depend on Wynn's arm strength, and, by all accounts, that won't be near the problem it was last year (knock on wood).

So, as spring winds down, it does appear the team has made some positive strides. It's obvious this spring has been far more productive than last year's, though, since Wynn sat that one out, it isn't entirely a surprise.

Remember, the Red-White Game is next Saturday. Initial weather reports indicate 70s and sun. So, hopefully that holds up and it's not nearly as dreary as today.