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Whittingham & BJ talk coaching changes, spring and BYU

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Kyle Whittingham and Brian Johnson were on KSL's SportsBeat Sunday..err...Sunday and discussed the team's improvement this spring, the surprising promotion of Brian Johnson as offensive coordinator and the potential death of the Utah-BYU rivalry game.

It's that latter point that's the most interesting. Though there was never a definitive statement by Whittingham, he wasn't so sure about the potential of the rivalry surviving beyond this season's game. He said that while he would hate to see it go, you've got to do what's best for the program, even if it means ending the historical, and often contentious, rivalry.

Ultimately, I don't think the rivalry will ever truly die. But I believe we're seeing the beginnings of a pullback from both sides. Utah and BYU will not be playing yearly. I feel pretty confident in saying that. When that happens, though, is another question entirely. It's possible we see it in 2013.

The video of the interview after the jump...