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Who's the better coach - Bronco or Whitt?

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If you buy The Sporting News, it's Bronco Mendenhall.

I'm guessing most here would disagree. Is Mendenhall the 15th best coach in the nation, while Whittingham 21st - behind such coaches as Paul Johnson, Brian Kelly, Mike Leach and Mark Dantonio?

Personally, I think Whittingham deserves a top-fifteen ranking, not Bronco. That isn't to say Bronco isn't up there, he is, but almost every factor is in Whittingham's favor - from most recent game, to head-to-head, to undefeated seasons.

So, who's the better coach and where do you think, nationally, Whittingham should rank?

If I did a list, I'd probably flip Whittingham & Bronco.