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Expectations for 2012: How many wins?

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We went over bowl games a couple days ago and most Ute fans feel the Utes are going to the Alamo Bowl. Surprisingly, 41% Utah fans believe the team will make some sort of BCS bowl game - whether the national title (6%), Rose Bowl (25%) or another BCS bowl entirely (10%). I think that might be a bit optimistic, however, I guess if Utah does go 10-2, they will have a legitimate shot at playing in either the Rose Bowl or another BCS bowl game.

So, we think Utah is either going to the Alamo or the BCS, with a small number, 19%, predicting, or expecting, the Holiday Bowl (full disclosure, that's the one I voted for). But how many wins will they have heading into their bowl game?

Utah's schedule is pretty favorable. Once again, they miss Oregon and Stanford and get USC at home. Even so, three of their conference losses last season (ASU, Washington & Colorado) are now road opponents, so, I wouldn't say anything is even remotely close to a given. Those three games, coupled with a trip to the Rose Bowl to play UCLA and Corvallis to take on Oregon State, will test this team. None of those games are sure-wins and expecting a loss at least once or twice on the road should be the level-headed answer here. But that's just me. I'm cautiously optimistic and believe this team can push 10 wins, but I'm not quite sure I'm ready to expect it.

But what about you? What are you expecting?