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RES expansion tied to SLC's bid to host the 2022 Olympics?

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Utah last saw its stadium expanded (in fact, essentially received a whole new stadium) back when Salt Lake City last hosted the Winter Olympics. Could another Winter Games help with the potential expansion of Rice-Eccles Stadium?

The U thinks so.

Besides the desire to acquire Fort Douglas if a second Olympics were secured, the U. would like the Olympic organizing committee’s input on plans to add up to 11,000 seats to Rice-Eccles Stadium through a $68 million expansion of the south bowl — directly in front of the 2002 cauldron.

That would bring capacity up to about 56,000, which is pretty much what most expected from the next expansion.

Salt Lake hasn't officially made a bid to host the games and there is no guarantee the city would receive them, either, so, much of this is just speculation. Whether expansion solely hinges on the Olympics or if this is just one of a few plans, hopefully we see expansion soon.