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Are you ready for some playoffs?

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After a shaky morning and afternoon, it appears the BCS bigwigs are ready to accept a deal to bring some sort of playoff to college football.

So, what is that deal? one quite knows, however, when the presidents vote on it next week, we should get a better indication of what exactly a college football playoff will look like.

What we do know is that it will consist of four teams, or maybe a plus-one, but that seems unlikely. It does appear 'the best four' will be chosen and will be left to speculation as to which teams are, in fact, the best four. Good luck if you're not already in a BCS conference (well, except for the Big East). It's likely this playoff actually handicaps the non-BCS even more than the old system. Go figure.

We'll see how they devise the selection committee, but you've got to think it'll heavily favor already established and successful conferences & programs. The hope is that with the weighing of conference championships, teams from the Pac-12 and Big Ten won't thoroughly be overshadowed by the SEC & Big 12 - who've pushed back against the idea of a bid being directly tied to conference championships.