Larry Scott Failed in Playoff Agreement

Larry Scott showed that he is actually human at the meeting of commissioners to decide on a football playoff system; he failed to get what is best for the PAC-12.

It had been reported previously that one of the most important things to the PAC-12 was to have a conference champion requirement to be in the playoff. This ensured that only one team per conference would be in the playoff and it would preserve the importance of the regular season and conference champions. Apparently, the PAC-12 and Larry Scott has conceded this with the latest agreement.

The other thing of most importance to the PAC-12 was apparently maintaining the Rose Bowl tradition between the PAC-12 and BIG 10; this also appears to have been conceded. The PAC-12 favored a plus-one system rather than a true 4 team playoff for this very reason. The Rose Bowl now appears destined to be one of the rotating semi-final bowl games which could exclude both the PAC-12 and BIG 10.

So Larry Scott has failed for the first time in his tenure to truly get an agreement that was in favor of the PAC-12's most important objectives in this new alignment. The PAC-12 went 0-2 on the playoff system; it failed to get what was best for the league. Even the great Larry Scott couldn't overcome the great SEC. The surprising thing is that it appears the PAC-12 gave in quite easily. It didn't even seem to put up a fight. This agreement seemed to have got done extremely quickly.

It appears that the PAC-12/BIG 10 will now have to share the Rose Bowl at least quite often. I realize the current BCS system also created that problem but it seems to me that the Rose may no longer belong to the PAC-12/BIG 10 has it has for the past 100 years.

More importantly to me, I hate the idea of a non-conference champion in a 4 team playoff. Shouldn't you have to win your own league to have a chance at the national title? It doesn't make sense otherwise. The fact that Alabama got into the title game this last year completely negated LSU's regular season win and SEC conference championship. If you win your league, you prove that you're the best team in that league! Non-league champions don't deserve a 2nd chance. It nullifies conference championships. This already happens too much in sports. The fact that a conference tournament champion in basketball gets an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament when a regular season conference champion that proved to be the best team through a 16-18 game conference season often gets left behind is ridiculous! Now we'll be bringing that same type of logic to football.

So even though I'm excited about some sort of playoff in football, I'm disappointed that it appears to be getting off on the wrong foot and much in favor of the powerful SEC.

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