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Runnin' Utes release schedule against teams you've never heard of

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Not to be outdone by the football team scheduling Michigan, the Runnin' Utes announced today their 2012-13 basketball schedule.

Grab a map, load up Wikipedia, because you probably haven't heard of some of these teams.

I get we were bad last year, but when you schedule down to this degree, you risk even more humiliation if you're not capable of winning. Imagine if Utah can't beat Willamette to start the season?

Yes, Willamette is their preseason opener. It's a college somewhere in Oregon.

Other schools that make up the schedule? SMU (hey, at least I know them) twice, Texas State, Evergreen State (they're a liberal arts college in Olympia, Washington) and Cal State Northridge. Utah will also play at BYU and host Boise State, who ripped the Utes last season.

They'll also host the Utah Thanksgiving Tournament with such powers as Wright State, Central Michigan and Idaho State.


Of course, with a conference slate of Pac-12 opponents lined up, the preseason schedule means little. If it's all about wins, and at this point, you've got to think it has to be, I guess I get why they're scheduling down.

So, with teams like this, if Utah can't push 15 wins, the entire staff should resign in embarrassment. While I like to look at a schedule and think hey, we can win this game!, I also realize there is potential for some awful, horrible losses if things don't break our way. Hopefully that isn't the case.