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Utah & BYU reach scheduling deal. Won't play in 2014 & '15, however

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The Holy War will continue, though with a little break after 2013's game in Provo.

With Michigan and Utah reaching a home-and-home deal for 2014 and 2015, it's not a surprise the Utes decided to not schedule the Cougars for those two seasons. The rivalry's hiatus will be the first since World War II and really is the first sign that the rivalry is dramatically changing since Utah joined the Pac-12 and BYU went independent.

It's not clear, or I am missing it, what the plans are for the rivalry post-2016, but from what I'm reading, I don't see anything scheduled after that date. We'll see, though.

What are your thoughts? I think it's a good idea. The program keeps its main rival, but now has a cooling off period so that we can evaluate this whole situation and the need down the road.