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Apparently, Chris Hill is just killin' everything

Chris Hill is apparently Jason Voorhees. Happy Friday the 13th!
Chris Hill is apparently Jason Voorhees. Happy Friday the 13th!

It's fitting Lee Benson would write this ridiculous article on Friday the 13th.

In Benson's eyes, all Chris Hill is is a backstabbing, Cougar hatin', rivalry killin' psychopath. He's Jason Voorhees!

This type of hyperbolic narrative from the Salt Lake media is getting a tad tired. Not only does he rail against Hill's and Utah's postponing the rivalry, he digs his heels in deeper by suggesting it wasn't fair that Utah got their call up to the big-time, while BYU was forced to toil in independence.

Give me a break.

I normally respect Benson, but this does nothing to convince anyone. BYU fans are going to feel just as adamant about Utah's choice as they did yesterday and Utah fans are going to become increasingly agitated by the media and, even if they originally opposed the rivalry hiatus, start rallying around the program because the media is doing a good job of tearing it down for no apparent reason.

Stop acting like Utah somehow went serial killer on the BYU program and rivalry. They're not beholden to the Cougars. They have every right to chart their own path without being crucified for it. I wonder if any of the fine folk at the Deseret News felt this emotional when BYU decided to end the annual rivalry with Utah State? That had a good 70 years of history to it and the Cougars up and ended it on a whim, to the point where now they don't meet yearly and when they do, especially in the coming years, the games are generally played in Provo.

You want to know what the rivalry would look like if it was killed off? It would look like nothing because there would be no games and no rivalry. There wouldn't be a home-and-home scheduled for 2013 & 2016. There wouldn't be the potential for new games down the road because it would officially be DEAD.

It isn't, though. The rivalry isn't a victim of Chris 'Jason Voorhees' Hill. But you know what? If the media keeps pushing, I'm starting to think maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea if Hill told everyone to go screw themselves and canceled any upcoming game after 2012. He won't do it, but I'm starting to think maybe he should.

Then let Lee Benson whine about that.