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Only days from camp, Utes suffer more bad news

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Just last week, I wrote how recent injuries clouded Utah's start to fall camp.

Add one more problem to the list - Brian Blechen. He was suspended for three games Monday afternoon for breaking an undisclosed team (NCAA?) rule. It's not a devastating suspension, since the first two games are against Northern Colorado & Utah State and even the addition of BYU doesn't make this loss staggering. Still, it's never good entering camp on a string of bad news.

Maybe it's nothing and by mid-September, we've forgotten about Blechen's suspension and Keith McGill and Marc Pouvave's injuries - then again, maybe this is a foreboding of things to come. Yeah, I know, I don't want to borrow trouble and somehow tip the Karma Gods off to a new wave of assault. But I am a Utah fan and we do have a history of worry-itis.

It's hard not to ignore the program tripping over itself heading into Thursday's start of camp. I guess I'm still a bit shell-shocked from last season, especially with the Jordan Wynn injury, and worried our second season in the Pac-12 will be much like our first - wrought with struggle.

Then again, maybe it's nothing. When you're dealing with 120 or so football players, odds dictate a few will be injured or find their way into trouble. Sometimes you make it through an entire season without that 'oh shit' injury and sometimes, like last year, you don't.

Right now, the Utes haven't suffered it (this is when we all knock on wood guys) and hopefully they don't. But as we enter camp on the heels of losing three players, either for the season or for parts of it, I clamp up a bit.

Here's to a healthy camp and an even healthier season and please no more player suspensions.