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Junior Salt to redshirt after injury, Lewis Walker injured too and Leota suffers from appendicitis

"What the f is this shit?" - Kyle Whittingham after today's practice
"What the f is this shit?" - Kyle Whittingham after today's practice

Another injury has sidelined a Utah football player - this time it's Junior Salt, who broke his foot and will now miss the 2012 season.

Salt's injury is not a devastating one, but still shows an unpleasant trend of players going down at fall camp. So far, the Utes have lost Keith McGill, Mark Pouvave, Chase Hansen and now Salt either prior to camp or during it.

Utah could afford to lose some of those players, but certainly you'd rather the team remain healthy and stable and not forced to address injury after injury.

Which they've had to do the first week or so of camp.

While Salt was lost for the season, Lewis Walker, who was also injured, could be out for a while too. He has a series of stress fractures in his lower leg. Ouch.

Finally, Niasi Leota suffered an appendicitis attack and had to have surgery. This is actually the second player in about a month's time who has had appendicitis - as Alphonso Marsh is expected to miss much of fall camp, if not all of camp, due to an appendectomy.

So, definitely a disappointing day on the injury front, but in terms of overall practice, the a.m. section of it actually went well.

Travis Wilson has now started playing a pretty large role in the offense and could take over the reps that the coaches had originally planned for Chase Hansen before, of course, his injury. That would namely be from the option package and could include the Wildcat formation, which he ran today.

Fortunately the a.m. session ended without the entire team falling into a massive sinkhole. With the way their luck has been going, I wouldn't have been surprised to actually hear that happen.

I'm starting to think this season is cursed.