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Wynn solidifies spot by default

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We knew the scrimmage would answer some questions and they have - namely Jordan Wynn is probably going to start this season. That isn't a surprise. It shouldn't be a surprise, anyway. But what was a surprise is how mediocre the quarterbacks looked in Tuesday's scrimmage.

While Wynn, Travis Wilson and Jon Hays weren't necessarily bad, none of 'em managed to put on an impressive show and instead, because Wynn wasn't the worst of the bunch, it appears he solidified his spot at the top as Utah readies for the final leg of fall camp.

Oddly, of all the quarterbacks, Adam Schulz looked the best. But he's taking reps as the fourth-string quarterback, so, any possibility of his name gaining traction as the top guy should end here and now. It just isn't going to happen.

Overall, it was not a great scrimmage from the quarterback point of view. For whatever reason, the offense has stagnated a bit the last week of camp and it's starting to show here. It's not devastatingly bad, of course, but it's also maybe not as positive as we were led to believe a few days ago when it appeared the offense was hitting on all cylinders.

Hopefully that is something worked out, especially at the quarterback spot, because I think we all agree the season really does rest on the offense's shoulders.

I think Wynn will be fine, but then that just might be the optimistic in me. I guess we'll see soon enough.

Other than that, the kicking game again saw a few too many misses, but slight improvement. Nick Marsh was 2 of 4 and Coleman Petersen was 3 of 4 - with all three misses coming from beyond 34 yards.

The running game was depleted, again, with John White IV sitting out, and there weren't any serious injuries to report, which is always good, though Quade Chappuis hurt his shoulder and Lucky Radley pulled a hamstring.

So, read from it what you will. The offense is doing okay, but will that be enough?