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The Pac-12 Networks set to launch, no word on DirectTV, however

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Good news and bad news, Utah fans!

You're either going to get the Pac-12 Networks tomorrow or you won't. If you're a subscriber of Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communication and Bright House Networks, you're probably golden. If you don't have those cable providers, or have a satellite instead, you already know you're SOL at the moment.

Yes, the Pac-12 is working tirelessly to make sure the networks can reach those costumers. But they haven't been able to do it yet and I can understand why this is frustrating for so many out there who had to put up with the mtn. mess and now find themselves in the exact same spot five or six years later.

But it will come. I'm confident in that. Already, the Pac-12 Networks will debut to more potential eyeballs than the Big Ten Network did in 2007. So, we're already ahead of the curve. But means little if, when it launches today, you won't be able to view it. I get that. I'm sure the Pac-12 does too.

So, while you won't witness the launch, don't give up on pushing your provider to carry the networks.

If you want to find out if you get the networks, click here. If you don't, follow the steps and communicate your wish to receive the channel.

Hopefully by August 30th, when the Utes kickoff against Northern Colorado, an agreement will be in place.

For those who get the networks, congrats. In Salt Lake City, you can view it on Comcast channel 37 (SD) and 757 (HD). You'll also be able to view an online stream via

There will be a 2012 Pac-12 preview, and Utah's preview which will air on the 18th. This Saturday, the Pac-12 Networks will also revisit the 2008 Utah-TCU game, so, you'll want to make sure to catch that one.

Of course, the big one will be the Utes' home opener against Northern Colorado in a couple weeks.