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With fall camp winding down, the 2012 Utes taking shape two weeks out

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When you reach August, and you're on the cusp of starting the season, it's to be expected that camp will slow to a halt. That's apparently what has happened on campus this week as the Utes ready for the final few days of practice before they begin their preparation for Northern Colorado.

Two weeks from now, Utah will be readying to take the field for the first time this season and hopefully, with expectations ranging from good to great, this team will be able to put a product on the field that can live up to its hype. Based on practice alone, I think it's safe to say they're close - but how close? That's the question I'm sure they'll be working on heading into their game-week practices for the Bears.

So, is Utah ready for the start of the 2012 season?

I think so. There are still some concerns, namely involving offensive line depth and the kicking game, but I think, overall, this team is ready. I think the offense has produced well and while there have been some disappointing injuries, on the whole, there hasn't been anything remarkably serious. Of course, there are still three days left of camp, so, please, knock on wood.

There will be a scrimmage Saturday and that will wrap up fall camp. The scrimmage probably won't yield much in the way of major developments, but it will be the last hurrah before they begin game-planning for Northern Colorado.

It's hard to believe we're only two weeks away from the season. It feels like just yesterday we were watching John White IV take it in for the winning score against Georgia Tech. Now, well, we're only days away from the start of the season.

Hopefully it's a blast and hopefully Utah can continue to improve. I think they're ready to actually take on a real opponent now and that's generally the signal that fall camp is about to come to a close.

Now bring on the season.