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Wynn misses practice to rest arm

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We haven't seen this story before - but Whittingham decided to sit Jordan Wynn because of soreness or a tired arm or something that isn't major but will be made major by fans and media alike. With that said, considering his past health problems, it makes perfect sense why fans will wince at the thought. I winced at the thought ... especially since, as I mentioned, we heard the exact same thing last year.

While I don't think this is indicative of anything that could derail his season (after all, even last season, it wasn't his throwing shoulder that inevitably did him in), I do worry that it could mean we're in for another year of wounded duck throws that are about as forceful as a two-month old's punch.

But who knows. I'm not worried ... yet. I still want to see how he looks throwing during a game because it became clear, in that Montana State game last year, that he wasn't really 100% better - or at least his arm wasn't at the level it needed to be to lob strong passes. There is no evidence in camp this year that his throws are weak.

So, there you have it. Wynn sits for the day. Major story? Probably not. Will it be played up by the media as such? Sure will. Should we worry? I don't know.