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Offensive line continues to be concern for Utes

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Though there continues to be slow improvement, including more stability on the line, the Utes are still struggling on setting the offensive line prior to next week's game.

"It’s a matter of is Bot [Taumoelau] better at right tackle than Jones is as a guard," he said. "We’re working with a couple different combinations on that side."

Utah's line has been dinged by injury and depth issues over the last few weeks and while the situation isn't as dire as it felt at times during fall camp, it's clear the coaches are still tinkering with the lineup. Is this a major concern? Well, I'm not worried. I think, in the end, we'll get things worked out by the meat of the schedule. Utah certainly will benefit from opening against a FCS team that has struggled the last few years. Even their second game of the season, against Utah State, offers an easier opponent than what will remain on the schedule.

I know that sounds like a slight against the Aggies, but it is reality - it's hard to make the argument Utah State is better than the other ten teams Utah will face after the second week. Surely they could be better, and they might give Utah a tougher game than some of their other opponents, but on the whole, from talent to experience, Utah State is still a few steps back from even BYU ... though I know some will disagree with that.

Ultimately, the line is going to have to gel and gel fast. But if it does, and I think it will, this team is going to be pretty good. It's just a shame so much rests on a position that is such an uncertainty right now.

Are you nervous?