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Injury bug hits offensive line once again

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Utah's offensive line can't seem to catch a break. At today's practice, offensive lineman Miles Mason was wandering around on crutches suffering from an ankle injury. It doesn't appear to be devastatingly serious, however, he will miss two to three weeks, which means he could be out the remainder of camp.

It's another disappointment for an already depleted line and the first real discouraging news from fall camp. In fact, today was probably the weakest showing all around for Utah, who wore pads for the first time since camp started last week.

Even so, it wasn't a bad practice for the Utes. The offense was stronger than the defense, who struggled at times, and the Mason injury put a genuine damper on things, but there are still a great deal of positives working out of camp - especially the depth at running back.

But still, it shows how delicate the season can be for Utah, who still relies heavily on its questionable offensive line, which, oddly, seemed to have a pretty good day on the field.

Hopefully Mason's injury is just a hiccup and nothing more. I think we all agree the Utes can ill afford anymore problems at that position.