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Block U's week four BlogPoll ballot

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I really miss not voting for Utah. Oh well.

Alabama continues to be the best team in the country and will probably cruise to the national championship game. If Oregon can keep it up, I think they'll be the Tide's opponent, but this far out, it's harder to get a read on some teams than others. I like the Ducks, I think they're really good, but this team still has some major hurdles in their way before they can lock in a title run.

Let me just say how envious I am of the Kansas State program. They're really doing something right in Manhattan and all the credit in the world goes to Bill Snyder, who just might be the best coach in college football. He doesn't get the attention of a Nick Saban, but what he's done is far more impressive solely because of where he's done it ... and not just once, but twice! He essentially rebuilt the Wildcat program two times and has 'em playing exceptional football, even at his age. It's downright remarkable.

I'm a K-State fan.

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