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The Pac-10 has historic day ... emerging as a legit football conference

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It was one helluva day for the Pac-10. Oregon State kicked it off with an upset over Wisconsin and Arizona ended it by beating Oklahoma State. In all, three unranked Pac-10 teams upset ranked opponents - with UCLA also taking down the vaunted Big Ten's Nebraska Cornhuskers. Even Arizona State, thought by many as a cellar-dweller, took Illinois behind the woodshed and gave 'em a devil of a beating.

Outside Washington's lopsided defeat on the road to LSU (something that surprises no one), it was definitely a banner day for the conference.

Then there's the Pac-12.

Oh the Pac-12. God bless the Pac-12.

As good as it was for the Pac-10 ... the Pac-12, at least its two newest members, face planted ... badly. Colorado, at home, a week after getting beat by Colorado State (who lost to North Dakota State), fell to Sacramento State, who, if you'll remember, upended Oregon State last year. I don't have to remind you what happened to the Utes in Logan.

That's tough to swallow. Let's face it, the Utes embarrassed the conference yesterday and so did Colorado today. It's not the end of the world, of course, but it's glaring that two of those three teams that fell this weekend, and badly to opponents they probably should have defeated, are the most recent members.

I don't think the conference is having buyers remorse right now, but I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't snickers about that fact ... especially from the Big 12 and Mountain West.

You don't want to overreact and I'm sure there will be one week where we'll get in on the upsets and stellar play. But out of the gate, it's not hard to say that Utah and Colorado are by far the two most disappointing teams in the Pac-12 this season ... at least right now. I'm hopeful that changes, but until it does, I guess we just have to envy what the other programs are doing, and what we should be doing, because that's all we got ... until next week (I hope, oh Lord do I hope).