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Aaron Roderick has left for BYU

Roderick was the most senior offensive coach on the staff.

George Frey

I don't think anyone really believed Aaron Roderick would finish his career at Utah - especially after he was passed over for the OC position when Kyle Whittingham hired Brian Johnson last year. But to BYU?

Well ... he is. Roderick is expected to become the new wideouts coach for the Utes' bitter rivals - marking the second coaching change of the offseason for Utah. Of course, the first was Chad Kauha'aha'a, who's left the Utes to go coach with Gary Andersen at Wisconsin.

Roderick acted as Utah's co-offensive coordinator during the 2009 season and held the duties of play caller in 2010 before being demoted when Norm Chow took over in 2011. He also had initially left the program in 2009, taking over as the receivers coach for the Washington Huskies for a brief time before finally coming back to the program.

I doubt Whittingham will allow him to return if he pulls the same stunt.

As for Roderick leaving? I'm not too disappointed. I think the only big loss is his experience. As a coach? I was skeptical of his play calling in '10 and was disappointed with the development of Utah's receivers under him in 2012.

But of course, that could sound like bitterness that he's bolted.

This means there is yet another opening on the Utah staff. Don't be surprised if Whittingham actually does bring in someone with extensive coaching history - potentially at the coordinator level.

What do you think?