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The Runnin' Utes finally ... finally ... FINALLY win on the road

Utah does something it couldn't do last year in the Pac-12...they won on the road.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports



Well damn! Paint me surprised! What a victory for the Runnin' Utes. If you would have told me Utah would split their Washington road trip, I would have almost certainly expected that victory to come against Wazzu and not the Huskies.

I was wrong.

This is a big win. I'm not going to call it a fluke or say we lucked into some things ... to go on the road, after an 0-5 Pac-12 start, and defeat a team who hadn't lost a conference game yet is pretty big. Last year, there is no way the Runnin' Utes pull out a game like this.

I said all this past week how I just wanted some evidence, beyond just the lightening of the schedule, that Utah was improving. You know, four or five conference wins ... or a major road win in Pac-12 play. These are the performances I think prove this team is getting there. These are the performances I wanted to see.

Yeah, it doesn't erase the close losses and the two blowout defeats to USC and Washington State, but it shows progress and more importantly, it shows the bottom hasn't fallen out yet. That's huge. I worried this season would go off the rails after last Wednesday's game. It hasn't.

Great win ... now let's keep it going during this upcoming three-game home stretch.

How would 4-5 sound?