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Arizona predictions

Utah gonna keep it rollin'?

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

No letdown.

No letdown.

No letdown.

Let's just say that over and over and over again. Put the pedal to the metal and keep that momentum goin'!

Will Utah win this weekend? Vegas says no - in fact, a lot of people question whether they can win. Why? I'm not so sure. It's either they don't believe Utah's win over Stanford was anymore than just an upset or they feel the Utes are prone for a letdown. So, yeah, no letdown.

I think the Utes will be focused for one reason - the Wildcats ended their season a year ago. I haven't forgotten that game and I'm sure the coaches haven't, either. It killed their season.

They need revenge. They should want revenge. But will they get it?

Bottom line: I think Utah is the better team. That point might be contended by the faithful in Tucson, but I believe it to be true. That's not to say Arizona isn't good (I think they are), it just means we're better. And yet, as we found out last weekend, just being better doesn't mean a lick sometimes.

Stanford should be better than Utah. But they lost.

Which means no guarantees in this conference.

But even then, you've got to like the Utes' chances. They seem motivated and their win over Stanford could very well have gotten 'em over the Pac-12 hump. If it has, they will win this Saturday and maybe win next Saturday too. Then we've got ourselves something special.

My prediction: Utah comes out firing, swinging and guns a blazin' - the Utes win 42-28.

So it shall be written. So it shall be done.

Your predictions?