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Who wins tonight?

Can Utah finally break through and win a big game? Or will it be more of the same old, same old?

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

So, what's going to happen tonight? The weather is a bit iffy - windy, potentially rainy and probably cold. Does that benefit Utah? Since the Utes seem to be a pass-first type team (or at least thrive in the passing game), the wind could make it more difficult for Travis Wilson. Conversely, it could also benefit a secondary that has been dogged by questionable play this season.

It'll be interesting to see how this game plays out. It's a late start for a Thursday (8:00, but I anticipate a lively crowd, especially with the blackout.

Hopefully the Utes' success in recent blackouts (all but TCU have been wins) continues and Utah pulls off an upset - propelling 'em toward the top of the Pac-12 South.

As crazy as this sounds, I'm gonna go with Utah. Maybe it's not a head pick, but who cares? I say Utes win 35-28.

Bring it on.