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Pre-existing condition could end Wilson's career - does end his season

An angiogram of the head confirmed a pre-existing condition for the quarterback that could end his career.

George Frey

Utah quarterback Travis Wilson's career may have come to an end after an angiogram picked up a pre-existing condition after he suffered a concussion a weekend ago against Arizona State. The awful news was reported Monday afternoon by Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham during his press conference. Whittingham said the team will evaluate his health and determine in the coming months whether it is career-ending. What is known is that Wilson will miss the remainder of the 2013 season.

Obviously, words can't express the horror of this news and my thoughts and prayers are with both Wilson and his family. Football is certain to take a backseat, as it should, to what is developing and I truly hope for a full and speedy recovery for the Utah quarterback.

Wilson is a fighter and a warrior and I have no doubt he will approach this new obstacle with the fierce resolve that has defined his short career at Utah.

I hope for him a lifetime of health and success.

God bless him.