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Wilson injury not life threatening, could still play again

Utah's team physician released a statement Monday night on Travis Wilson's health.

Stephen Dunn

David J. Petron, M.D., the Utah team physician, released this statement regarding Travis Wilson's condition:

"A preexisting condition was discovered after Travis Wilson underwent a CT scan to further evaluate the symptoms of a concussion. The findings on the CT scan led to an evaluation with an angiogram, which showed what appears to be a previous injury to an intracranial artery. We do not believe it is life threatening and there is a possibility he could play football in the future if it remains stable. It will be further evaluated with follow-up testing in approximately three months."

It's an encouraging sign - if only because it indicates Wilson should fully recover and live a stable, and healthy life.

Obviously, the athletic aspect of this story is unknown. And frankly, the concern over whether Wilson will ever suit up again for the Utes is minimal to the concern of his health. I am glad he's in a stable position, however, and that he is expected to make a full recovery from this. That really is all that matters.

Here's hoping Travis has found some peace of mind in these difficult hours. He's a fighter and I suspect he's ready to tackle this battle with all he's got.