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Pack the House

Regardless of what you think about the Utah-ASU game - please, please, please attend and cheer loudly.

George Frey

Saturday could be the season. It might not be, of course, but it very well could be. So, for that, I've got to expect a good, spirited crowd - even if the Utes enter this game on the heels of two lackluster performances.

Really, though, those two games are irrelevant now. They're in the past, as is the Stanford win, and they don't mean a lick anymore. It's time to focus on the remaining games, the winnable games ... Utah's chance to gain bowl eligibility. It starts this weekend and that makes this game all the more important.

Now is not the time to abandon the team. Now is not the time to stay home or spend the weekend raking the leaves. Nope, you've got to get down to Rice-Eccles Stadium and cheer on your Utes.

I'm optimistic that will happen - but I want to emphasize it as best I can for repetitive's sake.

I know many of us have doubts, including myself. I don't really think Utah will win (though, I believe they have a shot), but that's not going to stop me from attending the game and cheering loudly because I know, at the end of the day, there is still a chance at victory. ASU, as tough as they appear to be, are not unbeatable and who knows, maybe the home field advantage is all it takes.

That is, of course, if there is a home field advantage.

We gotta give 'em that advantage.

Yes, I know spirits are dampened ... still, it's a home game against a top-25 team. No excuses to not pack the stadium and make it as loud as we can (and I know we can, because I was at the Stanford game).

Utah needs a win and who knows, maybe a packed house won't be the game changer we're all looking for. But then, it can't hurt. Right? And let's be honest - the Utes need all the help they can get.

So, please, I implore you, attend Saturday. Be there early. And be loud.