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Utah could make offensive hire today

Signs point to former Arizona State head coach Dennis Erickson.

Ethan Miller

Utah football's long search for an assistant offensive coach appears to be nearing an end. The program is expected to name the new hire either today or tomorrow, though obviously it could be pushed back a bit to later this week.

The leading candidate for the job continues to be Dennis Erickson, who had interviewed for the job last week, but had possibly been indisposed because of hip surgery. Still, even though there are rumors floating around Twitter that it is in fact Erickson, with no official news, I'm not ready to go ahead and make that claim.

But it does seem there is a lot of smoke associated with his name.

Other potential candidates linked to the job are former BYU head coach Gary Crowton, former TCU offensive coordinator Mike Schultz and Dan Hawkins, who coached both Boise State and Colorado.

I don't know the extent any of these guys were candidates, but these have been the names I've consistently heard and I would be surprised if, at the end of the week, one of them, including Erickson, was not named as Utah's next assistant head coach.

Hopefully we get some definitive news today.