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Utes, again, come up short

Utah loses to Colorado by ten.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Just once this season I'd like to see Utah put together a complete game. It hasn't really happened yet, though, I guess you can call the Boise State blowout fairly complete. Each contest this season, even in most the wins, the Utes seem to struggle for a half - either by digging a hole, or by blowing a lead ... or like tonight, where they hang with their opponent for most the game, but in the end, find themselves outscored by a wide(ish) margin in a half.

This was a game Utah could have won. They were only down two at the half and weren't even playing all that well. Unfortunately, in the second half, Colorado stepped up and the Utes continued to struggle - ultimately resulting in a ten-point loss. It dropped Utah to 3-11 in Pac-12 play ... and they probably saw their best chance at victory on this road swing drift away.

Alas, that's been the story much of the season.

So, while Utah continues to improve, much of the improvement is marginal and that makes the results still tough to digest ... as they're almost always losses.

Maybe next year.