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Star Lotulelei to miss NFL combine due to heart condition

The standout DT is expected to return back to Salt Lake City for tests.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Some scary news out today about Star Lotulelei, who is expected to be a top-five draft pick in this year's NFL draft - ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting that Star will miss the upcoming NFL combine due to a heart condition. Apparently, his left ventricle is only pumping at 44 percent efficiency - the normal rate is 55-70 percent.

Star is still expected to participate in Utah's Pro Day next month, but obviously this is conditioned on his, well, condition.

Though this could possibly impact his draft position, my first concern, obviously, is with Star's health. I hope he can get the needed treatment and be back to his old, tough self.

But scary nonetheless.